CAP addresses the needs of people with disabilities through three integral projects:


1. Swellendam Special Care

A day care for children with severe disabilities that require intensive, dedicated care. We ensure a safe place during working hours where they are accommodated with love, receive nutritional meals, take part in developmental activities and are supported by targeted services like occupational and physical therapists.13 children are currently cared for here.


2. CAP Day Care

A day care for people with disabilities that come through the schooling system or from the Special Care unit mentioned above.  This day care takes the development of the participants a step further by running programmes that addresses their needs holistically.  We do literacy and numeracy, arts and crafts, singing, dancing and sport. These are supported by life skills, two nutritional meals a day and a group of care workers that create a safe learning environment for them to grow in.

40 people with disabilities are currently cared for here.


3. CAPability Protective Workshops

Candidates from the day care who show promise to function well in the mainstream economy is channelled into one of our four protective workshop ventures.  The goal of these workshops is a safe working environment that functions as close as possible to a normal working situation with a bit of extra social attention and skills development that is 100% practical.

36 people with disabilities are currently working in our workshops.

We produce and package the following for the Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts stores:

·         Raw date truffles

·         Raw date bars

·         Honey (bottling)

·         Montasaties


The above date products is also available under our own brand called Eish.


To be launched in 2017 the Community Bakery.

This multi-skilled unit keep themselves busy with anything from labelling shopping bags to making cellulite brushes for Rain to framing pictures.


It is equipped with carpentry equipment.

Predominantly ladies in 2 groups that make use of second hand material to produce:

·         ‘Laslappie’ bags

·         Placemats

·         Carpets

·         Sling bags

On the soft side we see immediate growth in self-confidence, their emotional stability and their participation in everyday activities.  Most participants have been with us for 3 years and longer and the financial progression in those cases is very evident.  From having a caretaker manage their money to opening their own bank accounts and having cellphone contracts are among the few things we have witnessed.


On the bottom line side – we have established this project not as a charity but as a business.  It is the biggest gift we could have given them.

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